Resolution x Amoenus

Resolution is announcing a new forward-thinking production as part of the Amoenus events series, curated by Christian Duka, at Aures London. Located in the historic Leake Street Arches, the Amoenus series focuses on space as an artistic tool and collaborating with local curators to create an immersive experience for the audience.


Resolution will be utilising the 25 channel surround sound configuration and installing a custom multi-channel immersive projection system, presenting a new live performance from Roly Porter. Drawing from his previous production ‘The Third Law’, Roly will be collaborating closely with Resolution to create a truly immersive visual rendition of his transformative live show.


This performance will be specifically developed for Aures, fully utilising the 54 speaker array and projections spanning over walls and arched ceilings. Resolution will also be presenting a specially curated exhibition, introducing the audience to the immersive potential of the Aures venue.

Please note: strobe lighting will be in use in this event.




Previously known for his seminal industrial dubstep outfit Vex'd, Roly Porter’s recent productions are all-encompassing explorations of dark sonic territories. In recent years Roly has concentrated his forces into long-form conceptual pieces, such as 2013's 'Life Cycle of a Massive Star', as well as working on BFI commissioned sci-fi/horror scores. His most recent album, 'Third Law' (released via Tri Angle) was described as “leaving dance music as it is, free to explore ideas of rhythm, bass, sound design within his own world... without preconceived ideas or rules.”


Bruised Skies creates layered, visual music that captures a melancholic isolated landscape, oceans of sound lapping against shores; guiding the listener. With previous releases on Blank Editions, and his album ‘Remnants’ on Dream Catalogue, his music is a cross between season 3 of Twin Peaks and John Carpenter’s experimental scores; beautifully dark, bleak and isolated in its journey throughout. Resolution will be working alongside Bruised Skies to expand the album’s visual aesthetic for our custom multi-channel projection system.


Ieva’s (aka piksel) musical journey started with her studying violin classically and has since performed and collaborated for events such as Curious Festival (in association with the Barbican Centre), Roundhouse CircusFest and more recently Syntrex - a multimedia collective bridging music, visual art and dance, with the most recent performance at Pickle Factory. Her music follows a close narrative of everyday life with juxtaposed beats, violin harmonies and glitchy sound design. Piksel will be working with Amy Dang and Stefan Iyapah (Boiler Room) to utilise our custom projection system to its full effect.