Amoenus is a series of events that focuses on the use of Space as an artistic tool. The programme is created in collaboration with local curators and experimental sound, visual and performance artists, each contributing to design the participants’ experience.

Amoenus takes place at Sensorium, Aures London in Waterloo, an immersive audiovisual venue featuring a 50-speakers, 3D sound system. Sensorium is treated both as an instrument and a living organism, an ecosystem of speakers and screens that hosts communications between artists and participants.

The programme features an eclectic combination of events: from live audio/visual experimental music to blind-folded sound art experiences to performance acts to day-long contemporary art installations and performances.

The event series observes a strict phone-free policy in the performance area.

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in partnership with Aures London.

Visual ID by Marco Maldarella

Programme curated by Christian Duka

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