Christian Duka is a sound designer/artist of the generation that emerged in the wake of digital technology. 

Christian explores sound art in cross art-forms collaborations involving contemporary dance, performance and visual artists in the context of multisensory, 3D audio-visual environments. Space becomes an instrument at the hand of the artist, a tool at the service of sound & visual design, a canvas where body movements can be metaphorically painted.

He explores the affective power and psychological implications of sound-driven interdisciplinary artistic experiences, and the absence of boundaries separating audiences from performers. Sharing the same stage, by seeing and being seen simultaneously, spectators of Christian's work   sink into the role of participants, acting and reacting in collaboration with the performing artists.

Inspired by the quote “Art is son of its time and mother of our own emotions” by Kandinsky, Christian ultimately investigates the potential of contemporary art to increase one’s own understanding of the present day human condition. 

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